We're just a group of friends keen to do what we can to cut waste. That means trying to buy less and to reuse and repair more.

We've created this map to help you find places to shop, to get things repaired, to learn how to mend or make things yourself and (lastly) to recycle.

It's early days and we'll be adding more features and information. As you can see, it's based largely around our area at the moment, but we're hoping you'll help expand the map by sending in your suggestions.

So, please share with us any comments, ideas or new zero waste places.

Thank you!



We don't run Zero Waste Map as a business or make a profit, but we do have to pay for things like web hosting.


Our Online Shops page is just starting out. Some of the shops on there will be what's known as affiliate links. These generate a small commission if you buy from them. We won't ever add a link just because of this, though, and we won't exclude any useful info just because it doesn't pay!

Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Make – Share – Recycle

Ideas, suggestions or zero waste discoveries?

We'd like to hear from you

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