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Zero waste shops + markets

Zero waste shops are stores where you can take your own containers or use paper bags for loose foods,. They might also offer refills for things like shampoo and household cleaners. Don't forget old-school 'weigh and save' shops.


Remember to take your own bags and boxes for loose fruit and veg, and let us know if a particular stall is happy to go plastic-free.

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Takeaways + cafés

Places that minimise waste by letting you bring your own containers or reusable cups rather than disposables.

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Borrowing + sharing

Car-sharing is the obvious one, but we've included libraries too. You can borrow rather than buy books, DVDs and computer time. Some have toys to borrow.

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Repair + making workshops

To extend the life of your stuff so you don't need to buy new. Upcycling and repurposing too

We've also included workshops where you can make your own items rather than buying them (with all the packaging that entails). Plus you get to learn a new skill.

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Reusing + recycling

Places to donate items like furniture and household items for reuse.

We haven't listed high street charity shops, but they're good for two reasons – you can buy secondhand rather than new, and you can donate rather than throw things away.


Last on the list because it's better not to make waste in the first place.

We've included council sites for household waste recycling, supermarkets and Terracycle drop-offs for things like petfood pouches or contact lens packs.

Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Make – Share – Recycle

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